Why make a lever handle from metal with great effort and expense when it works just as well with plastic? The same quality and strength – but lighter and cheaper.

Schaltgriff Lever handle ideas through discussions

In a discussion with our customer about a current project, we came up with the idea of replacing a costly metal knob requiring a high degree of refinishing with a less expensive plastic part. The customer's first reaction was: "That won't stand up to the load!" Our motto: "There's no such thing as can't be done!"

Keeping promises

Via a fine pin, the lever handle moves a switching mechanism on a machine. Very high demands are made on the stability and strength of this pin. Only through the interplay of a selective choice of material and appropriate component geometry was it possible to produce a plastic part that precisely meets these demands.

Then it was up to R&D – from producing the part drawings through to the choice of material, as well as the design and production of the mould for the plastic parts. As a result, the customer received a product of the same quality from us but with a lower weight and at less expense.

  • Replacement of expensive die casting with inexpensive plastic part
  • High demands on strength and stability
  • Selective choice of material
  • Appropriate component geometry
  • Equivalent quality
  • Lower weight
  • Lower price