High-temperature materials can cause quite a sweat. When things get hot, we stay cool and precise – just like this fittings example shows: mould parting-line flash 
≤ 0.02 mm, average tolerance ≤ 0.03 mm. 

Quality from the very beginning

After the injection moulding process, visible mould parting-line flashes can occur, which are seen as quality flaws. Re-machining to remove these flashes is not possible. Experience in the use of high-temperature materials and technical competence in their processing are therefore immensely important.

Everything fits

In order to be able to meet the narrow tolerances for  the dimension, form and position of stand parts, both the moulds and the rest of the peripheral equipment involved in the production process were adapted to the special processing parameters.

Because the mould was designed in the form of interchangeable inserts for the important contour areas, quick intervention is possible for issues ranging from faults through to changing the prefabricated spare parts at short notice.

  • High-precision functional parts
  • Very high demands on materials, mould temperatures and tolerances
  • Mould construction designed in the form of interchangeable inserts
  • Quick intervention or action in the event of faults
  • Quick changing of prefabricated spare parts at short notice