Engine compartment cover

Through production of this engine compartment cover, more or less everything that is possible today in plastic injection moulding and what our customers have come to expect from us in terms of an optimised logistics chain was covered: our "all-round, care-free package".


Comprehensive and versatile

A thoroughly hardened, 1-cavity mould was produced for the manufacture of the high-volume motor compartment cover. 64 temperature control circuits were necessary to ensure product quality. The same number of sonotrodes was used during the ultrasonic welding for the permanent joining of the individual parts.


Our "all-round care-free package"

In addition to the technical challenge, the focus was also on the optimisation of the supply chain management. We were able to cover the entire logistics chain for our customer: from mould development, to the internal production of the plastic parts, to the series assembly, and right up to the just-in-time delivery of the finished product to the end customer. 

For our customers, this means: optimised cooperation, a high-quality, long lasting finished OEM product and no warehousing costs.

  • Thoroughly hardened 1-cavity mould
  • 64 temperature control circuits
  • 64 sonotrodes (ultrasonic welding)
  • Optimum logistics chain
  • Internal production
  • Series assembly
  • Long lifetime
  • Quality finished product
  • Just-in-time