Our customers’ adsorbers provide life-saving dialysis for patients with excessive blood cholesterol levels. These are used, for example, in the event of metabolic disorders such as hypercholesteremia and thus help to prevent coronary diseases.

Adsorber DALI 500 und DALI 750

Precision and hygiene

All plastic parts and filters are moulded and further processed in Class 7 and Class 8 white rooms. As the product is exposed to considerable fat contact during use, we must satisfy very high criteria with respect to low stress in the whole component. That applies not only to the precision of the individual parts as such but also to the further processing of the 7 individual parts to form the complete product. 


Pure high-tech

All the parts are joined by ultrasonic welding. Stress is inevitably induced in the area of the weld seams. Excessive joining forces or inadequate fitting allowances can then result in high stress in the welded part. All the components therefore must be produced completely flat and absolutely stress-free. The welding process takes place in a very narrow tolerance range that is strictly monitored and observed. Our impressive mould philosophy and ultra-modern plant guarantee the highest quality. Thanks to our outstanding know-how in the production of customised filter elements, we are also able to manufacture this complex product completely in-house.

  • High demands on precision and hygiene
  • Stress-free welding
  • 100% reliable welding
  • White room production Class 7/8
  • No coating necessary