Separation chamber

We go to the limits of what is possible to ensure the consistently high quality of this separation chamber.

SeparationskammerThe heart of a blood cell separator

Cell separation systems centreed around a separation chamber (centrifuge) are used not only during blood donation but also in hospital therapy. This can be necessary in the event of blood disorders or as part of cancer therapy (stem cell separation). 

Such major therapies can only be successful if they are supported by high-performance, highly reliable medical products.

When in use, such separation chambers are exposed to high mechanical strains. The joints between the individual chamber parts are therefore of vital importance. Although large weld seam depths offer very high strengths, they inevitably also entail significant weld material discharge.

For such applications, however, the weld discharge must be minimised as it can interfere with the flow properties of the chamber and, hence, also the efficiency of the separation. More serious, however, is the rough surface of such weld structures. These lead inevitably to cell damage, which destroys blood products and threatens the success of the therapy and thereby also human life.

The sophisticated mould concepts from Otto Klumpp GmbH ensure the necessary smoothness of the delicate individual parts, while specially modified joining technologies permits strength in the double-digit (bar) range despite weld seam depths of only one-fifth of the normal values.

The result is a component on which seriously ill patients can rely.

  • Optimisation of a part with slight mould chamfer
  • Mould concept developed
  • Special mould cooling
  • Extreme smoothness values demanded for parts
  • Grease-free ejector
  • Low tolerances during mirror welding
  • 100% quality and function