Elements for ventilation

When it comes to ventilation, the highest precision is needed: air molecules must pass to equalize pressure quickly, while other substances are not allowed to pass the filter from the outside. For this technology, Otto Klumpp has developed a method in which maximum automation and product quality is maintained even in the nano-range.


Technology for ventilation and equalizing pressure

These complex components allow ventilation as well as pressure equalizing for various components in automobiles. This technology protects the gaskets, prevents condensation, thus increases the durability of car components. So it is important to have a maximum air flow rate in connection with high water resistance. The challenge was to develop a technology that does not compromise the filigree filter. At the same time, a high purity level and degree of automation in the production had to be ensured.


Solution: Multi-K-Process

The Multi-K (multi-component) process makes it possible to combine plastic components with different materials. Using an intelligent system, the elements together combine a membrane, a cover and an O-ring all made of different materials to one product. Every single step is continuously monitored with high-tech instruments and a constant quality inspection. Our purpose-developed automation works so hyper-accurate, that Otto Klumpp reaches the ppm-rate of 0.2.

  • production quality with 0,2 ppm
  • highest degree of purity and automation
  • fully automatic mounting
  • polycomponent-part
  • innovative Multi-K-production
  • multi-level quality-inspection by advanced optical technology