Autotransfusion is a method by which blood accumulated during an operation is recovered, treated and returned to the patient during the operation. This allows the use of donor blood to be significantly reduced and hence the risk of AIDS or hepatitis to be lowered.

AutotransfusionQuality is vital to life

This product must therefore satisfy uncompromising quality criteria. The production of such large, irregular vacuum vessels of thin-walled polycarbonate makes particularly high demands on both mould and process. Even after 2 million shots, the typical Klumpp mould conception guarantees the same quality as on the first day as well as safety for the nursing staff and the patient.


Anything but conventional

The fully automated labelling concept developed at Klumpp not only saves money with minimum investment costs but also guarantees a consistently high quality and short cycle times. Immediately after the injection moulding process, the scaling is applied in the form of labels with a precision of 0.1 mm.

  • Very high expectations for quality, mould and material
  • Very sturdy, reliable and durable mould
  • Fully automated labelling for consistently high quality