Shift gate

Concept for the fully automatic production of a shift gate. Conditions: short development time, high volumes, short overall cycle time. Result: 12 weeks, 4 inserts per component, 30 seconds!

Schaltkulisse für den AutomobilbauA partner for all cases

The price pressure on suppliers in the automotive industry is enormous. Potential savings are constantly looked for, often in the wrong places. Our concept for the fully automatic production of a shift gate shows how important a partner with experience, inventiveness and high quality standards is in automotive engineering.


Double charging efficiency

A sophisticated automation system based on a linear unit for part removal installed on the machine enabled us to solve the task. The concept for the 2-cavity series production mould was developed in just 12 weeks construction time. Thanks to our findings from the 1st cavity, we were able to perform the insertion, sheathing and removal of the metal parts (4 inserts per component) within just 30 seconds. The shift gate of a highly reinforced, filled material is very sturdy and precise (error tolerance: 100th of a millimetre).

The benefits for our customer: No tedious development time and hence no high development costs for a prototype mould.

  • High volumes (2-cavity series production mould)
  • Short overall cycle time (30 seconds)
  • Short construction time (12 weeks)
  • Sturdy and thick-walled part
  • Precision (error tolerance: 100th of a millimetre)
  • Highly reinforced, filled material (polyamide with 30% glassfibre)
  • Development time and development costs are not necessary for a prototype mould